Infant Care

"Character Montessori’s views Infant Care to be a crucial starting point for the cognitive development of children! As a result, our Infant Care services are designed to create an environment where their curiosity is stimulated while ensuring top quality care from our well-trained EduCarers."

Tender Loving Care made possible by High Educarer to Infant ratio of 1:3

With only 3 babies to 1 Educarer, our Educarers are able to be attentive to every little need, habit & preference of each individual baby and thus build strong loving bonds with them.


Specially Curated Lesson Plans

The curriculum is designed to ensure that infants are actively developed in every aspect of the 8 Intelligences*. Our Educarers are trained to implement these lesson plans so that every infant’s progress is well planned as well as intentionally and effectively executed.

Montessori Equipment for Infant Care

What is the benefit of having Montessori Materials for Infant Care? Infants have very specific requirements for development at different stages of their growth. As they progress from one stage to another, they require different forms of brain stimulation. The unique Montessori materials offer endless age-appropriate opportunities to explore, engage and satisfy each infant’s drive for learning every step of the way.


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